Sara Ingersoll

Sara Ingersoll is a New York based graphic design artist living in the Hudson Valley. She is a graduate of SUNY Ulster and works in New Paltz, NY, using her degree in Advertising Design and Graphic Technology. In addition, she enjoys building her freelance portfolio with work including logo design and product packaging. Helping clients bring their ideas to life with a clean and bold vision drives her from one project to the next. With an abundance of content and overstimulation in our current society, Sara stands out by focusing on design basics such as contrast and balance with a special interest in retro color palettes.

Sara is a single mother of two brilliant and adorable children. She has had a taste for creating since she was a child herself and loves the chance to pass along her passions to the next generation. When she’s not designing on her laptop, she’s practicing yoga, exploring nearby towns, and advocating for equality and sustainability. With a plant-based diet she hopes to inspire others to lead with compassion and global awareness.

Working with Carve for a Cause has been a fulfilling project for her. Creating inspiring art for an organization that has such love for the community has been an experience to be proud of!