Rosie Marie Howe

Rosie Marie Howe grew up in the Shawangunk Valley with a deep love for the natural world and creative expression. Rosie spent her college years in the Adirondacks majoring in Fisheries & Wildlife Management and Environmental Science, spending her free time playing music, hiking and gaining a deep appreciation for community.

The final stages of this beautiful piece were completed on Historic Huguenot Street, (HHS) a place, where as a young child, Rosie frequently visited with her Grandmother. HHS, as well as many other enamoring checkpoints in the Gunks has provided Rosie with both this source of solace and the setting for her first career opportunities in enivornmental education, stewardship and preserving natural history; staple passions she embraces daily.

Having attended Carve for a Cause for many years, Rosie feels this image encapsulates the warm and hopeful sanctuary that she has experienced here. Rosie has included 15 sunflowers to represent our 15 years of Celebrating the Harvest and Sharing the Bounty. We are honored to have her art representing this special Anniversary year.