October 20th, 2018



Carve for a Cause will proudly help launch this critical pilot program:

Peaceful Guardian Project
Police-Youth Partnership

The goal of the Peaceful Guardian Project is to bridge the often tense divide between police officers and youth of color. It will enable police officers as well as African-Americanand Latino youth to put their best selves forward in support of one another.

This is done through a compelling and comprehensive 12-week program, whereby officers and youth become both teachers and learners through a mutually supportivelearning environment fostering greater understanding, empathy and trust.

While the PGP initiative will begin in the City of Kingston, their long-term strategic plan
includes replicating this model in similar cities across the Hudson Valley and NY State.


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We would like to Thank you for helping us to “Celebrate the Harvest and Share The Bounty”



"Carve for a Cause has helped provide life saving services by raising funds to pay for medical needs of women and children at the Washbourne House without medical insurance. Their generosity speaks to their character and strength of the people of Ulster County and we are thankful to be a part of this excellent community. "
- "Kathy Welby Moretti, Director of the Washbourne House, Family Domestic Violence Services  - 2008 Carve for a Cause recipient.

"Carve for a Cause has made it possible for women to move closer to and sometimes actually fulfill their dreams, achieve things they never thought possible and in the process, become productive members of our community."
-Stacey Rein, President, United Way of Ulster County, Project Hope, Founder -  2012 Carve for a Cause recipient.